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Dos and Don'ts for SmartFingers™ Comfort Plus

Points to remember when operating the SmartFingers™ Comfort Plus wet-grinder.


Make sure to keep your wet grinder clean and dry, always.
When not in use, disconnect the power cord from the mains.
For best results and trouble–free performance, use wet grinder only as specified in the user guide.
Keep your wet grinder away from heat sources.
Lift the appliance at its base.
Clean the drum and roller stone assembly thoroughly after every use.
Ensure that the grinder is in unlocked position while not in use.
Always use spatula to remove the batter from valve and side wall of the drum.


Do not run your grinder empty for more than a minute.
Do not use any other attachment. Use only those recommended by SmartFingers™.
Do not put your hand onto the drum & valve while grinder is on.
Do not unlock the Knob while in operation.
Do not lubricate any parts with oil/grease.
Do not keep the drum upside down after washing
Do not attempt to repair the wet grinder by yourself. For assistance, contact Mayura Customer Care.