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Operating Instructions: Comfort Plus

Here's a step-by-step overview of how to operate the SmartFingers™ Comfort Plus wet-grinder.

Place the drum on the coupler and rotate till the drum fixes itself.
Place the roller stone assembly inside the drum and gently rotate it to the roller stones are properly seated on the bottom stone.
Insert the knob in centre shaft and rotate it in clockwise direction till it stop to lock the roller stone assembly.
Close the batter valve and water valve.
Pour required water into the drum.
Add the grinding medium and close the drum with lid.
Press the switch button to start grinding.
After fee minutes grinding wipe the grinding medium in the side wall of the drum by using given spatula.
Once consistency is achieved place the collecting vessel below the valve and open the batter valve to dispatch the batter.
Once batter dispatch completed close the valve and place the lid on the drum.
Pour the water (1L to 2 L approximately) through the water feeder for free cleaning the Drum & Stone Assembly.
Switch off the grinder and open the valve to drain the waste water.
Rotate the knob anticlockwise direction to dismantled Drum & roller stone assembly for final cleaning by tap water.


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